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Portfolio O. Aimant Damour

Portfolio O. Aimant Damour

Divin Orgasme

Sacred Orgasm
... Earth. Now THAT is an orgasm!”. "Now ... do. But I also love the you I see in
you and the me I see in you and the God I see in you.". As ...
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Sexuality on your way to God - Bramacharya and sin
... course of any spiritual practice that brings you nearer to God many will ... you and
through you, this usually results in sensations similar to spontaneous orgasm. ...
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La magie du Tantra - [ Translate this page ]
... perdue. La technique centrale utilisée, c'est d'irradier tous les Chakras
par l'énergie Divine et corporelle de l'orgasme. Certain ...
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Sex & God
... incorporate sex into worship, practicing the various disciplines of Tantric Sex
to achieve the bliss and harmony with God that is "beyond" physical orgasm. ...
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Le sexe et l'éveil - [ Translate this page ]
... Selon d'autres traditions, l'orgasme est réfréné et l'énergie sublimée remonte alors ...
du rôle qu'elle doit jouer : elle est la femme divine, le principe ...
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Acme Love - first orgasm
... it. So, I thought, why not? It felt like I'd been hit by God himself and
I've only had one orgasm more powerful than that one. It ...
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An Introduction to Chaos Magick
... however, a few core practices that almost all chaotes use, which included god-from
and ... The gnostic state is similar to the moment of orgasm, in many respects. ...
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What Is God?
... Now, this Cosmic Orgasm is "God," not the creature that priests portray who wants
you to be begging him all the time, while sleepwalking through life, like BORG ...
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Culture Wars: Da Vinci Code Review
... act" meant to "achieve gnosis." When the girl wonders how "orgasm" can be ... dares to
decipher the sacred Tetragrammaton, the name of the biblical God, as meaning ...
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Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Texts: Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality. ... stifling atmosphere of Victorian England. Sacred Sexuality in the Ancient World. In the late 18th century, classical ...
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Celebrations of Sacred Sexuality

Celebrations of Sacred Sexuality - tantra sex workshops and counseling
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Sacred Sexuality & Tantra Web Ring

The Sacred Sexuality / Tantra Web Ring includes sites devoted to all forms of sacred sexuality, tantric spirituality, sexual health resources, ecstatic ...
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Articles about Polyamory and Sacred Sexuality - Tantra, Polyamory ...

Dr Deborah Anapol's Sacred Space Institute website offers workshops, articles, books, and videos on sacred sexuality and conscious relationships. ...
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Goddess Sandi - Sacred Intimate: Tantra, Sexual Healing & Sensual ...

... divine's love. My gifts, talent & training are in sacred sexuality, tantra, kama sutra and as a sex surrogate. ...
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Tantra * Kama Sutra * Tantric Sex

... so well. It is a blend of Sacred Sexuality, the Kama Sutra teachings, modern psychology, and eastern philosophy. Using a variety ...
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Sacred Sexuality :Women's Arts, Lesbian Artists Photography ...

... women musicians,performance artists,poets,writers and photographer Marcelina Martin's ground-breaking book Lesbian Sacred Sexuality, wildheartsranch.com. ...
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Normalizing Sacred Sexuality

... InnerSelf Magazine (enter your email here) Sample Issue. Normalizing Sacred Sexuality. John spoke up in the workshop and said, "I'm scared of sacred sexuality. ...
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O. Aimant Damour
O. Aimant Damour
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约尼 德 椅子 上升 德 博纳尔

演示 德 啦 vulve神州金 寺 d'OrgasmissimO 恩 所以我 .


ø 在 Intensité

肛 杜 Portique d'O


曼陀罗 杜 约尼 Unifié

沉思杜号Yoni S exprimant

bandances voluptueuses

bandances voluptueuses




艾丽 等 吕 S'Alignant 平价 景点orgasmomagnétique

Suson 胭脂 德 Jouissances

的Ovation AU号Yoni多尔



视觉astrale 德 l'Illumination 平价 啦 享乐 Orgasmique

视觉intérieure 德 啦 Vulve 恩 享乐

德寺崇拜D OrgasmissimO号Yoni蔚

沉思 梅 财富 放射物 杜 约尼

雕塑 德 卢米埃 Stilisé 德 啦 Vulve

子瓦voluptésilluminantes 杜 约尼 圣

  - Citations sur l'Art 3
La science ne nous dit pas où nous allons - c'est le rôle de l'art - elle nous dit où nous sommes.Extrait de Alan Turing. L'érotisme pourrait être l'art de bien cuisiner ses amours.Sony Labou Tansi. L'art, en général, est la réponse au fu...
[Page - O. Aimant Damour - 2Ko - 2009]

  - Citations sur l'Art 2
L'art, c'est le plus court chemin de l'homme à l'homme. André Malraux Une oeuvre d'art n'expose pas une vérité préétablie elle incarne une vérité vécue. André Maurois] Extrait de Ce que je crois L'art est beau quand la main, la tête et le c&oelig ur ...
[Page - O. Aimant Damour - 3Ko - 2009]

  - Citations sur l'Art
Comme tous les autres arts, celui de la jouissance n'a pas de limites. Adolphe Belot Les productions de l'art ont leur valeur en elles-mêmes. [Aristote] Tout art s'apprend par art, la seule poésie est un pur don céleste. Guillaume Du Bartas L'art, c'...
[Page - O. Aimant Damour - 2Ko - 2009]

  - Mon Art est Consacré à l'Adorable Beauté, Source d'Énergies Inusitées, en Puissance d'Élever en Qualités les Sensations et les Émotions, les Pensées et les Actions et expressions modelant notre Être. La Beauté stimule une Source si Fondamentale, que ...
[Biography - O. Aimant Damour - 20Ko - 2005]

  - The Transcendantal Immanent Value of Art Dediate to Beauty
Ø Art Transcendantal Immanent, to transcend the banal here end now. O Magnet DAmour creative artist of photographs of qualities of more than professional (300 pixels per inch or +), in order to make visible infinite the variations of the infinitely s...
[Page - O. Aimant Damour - 8Ko - 2005]

  - Link in relation to Sacred Erotic Art
Divin Orgasme Sacred Orgasm .. Earth. Now THAT is an orgasm !”. "Now .. do. But I also love the you I see in you and the me I see in you and the God I see in you.". As .. ww.halexandria.org/dward721.htm - 22k - Cached - Similar pages Sexuality on you...
[Page - O. Aimant Damour - 16Ko - 2005]

  - Mise en valeur de mes créations
Ø Art Transcendantal Immanent, Pour transcender le banal Dans l’Ici Maintenant. O. Aimant DAmour Artiste créateur Art contemplatif qui illumine nos intérieures par la réflection de beautés en Soi. Photographies de qualités plus que professionnelles (...
[Page - O. Aimant Damour - 32Ko - 2005]

  - Art and Architecture Devoted to Enjoyment of Beauty in Oneself. The Beauty is an Eternal Source of Merry Energy. O! Yes. Tower of inhabitation ZAFU ODAmour Creation Since my tender youth I Like to contemplate the Beauty in all his Forms, in particula...
[Biography - O. Aimant Damour - 11Ko - 2005]

  - Art et Architecture Consacré s à la Jouissive Beauté en Soi. La Beauté est une Éternelle Source de Joyeuse Énergie. O! Oui. * Tour d'Habitation ZAFU ODAmour création Depuis ma tendre jeunesse J’Aime contempler la Beauté sous toutes ses Formes, spécia...
[Biography - O. Aimant Damour - 29Ko - 2005]