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Portfolio Megan Storrar

Portfolio Megan Storrar

  Please enjoy visiting my online gallery. I am currently working on large sized landscapes of the Fort McMurray area and will post them as completed.    Interplay 2010 was a wonderful celebration of the arts on Franklin Avenue.

Upcoming Event - Country Fair on August 28th. I'll be showing my paintings in the exhibit and as a vendor. Location is Heritage Park from 11 am to 4pm.  

Alberta Arts Days 2009 was a fantastic experience. Fort McMurrayites once again showed their great talent and spirit.  Read the write up about it from Fort McMurray Today September 21, 2009. 



Sign my guest book so I know you were here.


I have a new webpage, please visit   http://www.meganstorrar.webs.com/



Megan Storrar






Megan Storrar
Megan Storrar
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十二月 十三 百

十二月 中午

古巴哈瓦那 4

古巴哈瓦那 3

古巴哈瓦那 2

叶 和 天空

古巴哈瓦那 1

点 佩利



停尸间 站 悉尼 2

精神 家 在 的 贝壳 站

Freo 上市 洗手间

停尸间 站 悉尼

夏季 '96



 三  姐妹

邓达斯 圣 2

邓达斯 圣 1



  - Welcome to my gallery Megan Storrar's Page
Just greetings, read the article about Alberta Arts Days, Please enjoy visiting my online gallery. I am currently working on large sized landscapes of the Fort McMurray area and will post them as completed. Interplay 2010 was a wonderful celebration of the arts on Franklin Avenue. Upcoming Event - Country Fair on August 28th. I'll be showing my pai...
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  - Welcome to my site
Welcome to my online gallery.   My name is Megan Storrar and I am a Canadian artist. I sell prints and posters through this network. The pricing is in CDN dollars however shown as USD on this site. I love to travel and I paint subjects in series. The...
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  - Shell People Asked to Donate Art for Yearly Auction It’s near that time of year again, when creative Shell employees refine their artistic sides and surprise coworkers with their welled-up talents. On September 18 th 2007, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m...
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  - The making of Jaxon and Izzy
I am asked very often about how I work. How long does it take? Where do I get my ideas? This newsletter shows you my newest work called “Jaxon and Izzy” and it also shows the sequence of work involved in it’s creation. First, the idea for painting “J...
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  - Original or Print?
Here is some information about my artwork sales: What is meant by limited edition? My prices are quoted for limited edition prints. Each printing is limited to 250 only. When the series is sold out, your print will increase in value. The print will b...
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  - What would you paint if you were a painter?
Commissions? Yes, I do commissions. My dream is for people to truly enjoy an original work of art. In the past I have done paintings for a cafeteria, family portraits, chalkboards in restaurants, painted peoples favourite travel photos and have even ...
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  - This artist lives in northern Alberta, Canada. She welcomes correspondence from other artists and art enthusiasts from around the world. Canadian artist Megan Storrar was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1971 and grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan. She has...
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Megan Storrar的留言本

Wow, what tallent - I would like to know when you will be having a show? I would love to purchase some of your work - absolutely beautiful Megan.
(Barb Penton, 20 October 2010)
Very Nice Megan, You are truly a talented artist and even more beautiful person.
(Paul, 16 December 2009)
Just an observation
Megan, Just perused through some of your gallery. Very enjoyable and inspirational! To consider improving from where you are would be hard to imagine! Excellent work! Thanks for sharing your story and examples of one of your talents! Regards, Jim Basick Sr. Geophysicist Nexen - Dallas
(james basick, 30 October 2009)
Beautiful work!
You have captured Fort McMurray and it's surroundings beautifully. I look forward to your exhibit at the country fair. I hope my favorite painting is on display so that I can drop hints (as in "that is the one I want") to my husband! I have entered your site in my favorites so I can keep up on your work. Have a wonderful day!
(Suzanne, 24 July 2009)
Awed !
Wow glad I came. It never ceases to amaze me the talent and creativity possessed by some people! great works, drop me an email. BTW thats is a great photo of you as well!
(Martin, 24 July 2009)
Beautiful colours
Megan, I have to say I am surprised as how well and articulate your paintings are. I will be looking forward to your upcoming exhibits.
(Nersi, 12 May 2009)
I hav e been here
This is amazing Megan. Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!
(clementina, 11 May 2009)
Very Talented
I like your paintings. You are very talented and so young. You look like you are about fifteen?
(Edward, 17 September 2008)
hi nice work
very nice collection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . john
(John williams, 6 September 2008)
nice paintings
i really like this collection, nice job... Fred
(Fred Wilson, 5 September 2008)
I will come to the fair and vote for your painting
You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late. Ralph Waldo Emerson
(Tina, 4 September 2008)
Megan, your portfolio is very nice. I'm glad I stopped in to have a look.
(Carol, 6 August 2007)
sidewalk is cool, especially the graffiti.
(jj, 28 June 2007)
neat painting
I really like Summer of '96.
(Joe, 26 May 2007)
Thank you
Thank you for sharing your work with me. I enjoyed your portfolio very much.
(Mary, 25 May 2007)
Megan rocks
Beautiful paintings Megan. So glad to see being an engineer hasn't stopped you being an artist!
(Anita, 24 May 2007)