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Tour de France 2011

21 motifs inspired by each of the 21 stages. Asbjorn Lonvig
http://www.AsbjornLonvig.com - 七月 18 2011

Asbjorn Lonvig is following every stage of The Tour de France 2011. In TV it is.
Every day Asbjorn Lonvig makes an art work (or two, or three...) with a motif from the recent stage.
Last year he could not keep up the pace. He  quit in stage 12.
This year - 2011 - it is his goal to stay in the race for all 21 stages.

All of the 21+ motifs are ready on 24th of July 2011 after the last stage to Paris.
There is a great possibility that
the Eiffel Tower, l'Arc du Triomphe de l'Étoile and/or
Champs Élyseés will inspire the motif from stage 21.
And Asbjorn Lonvig's guess is that it might too be inspired by the Menx Missile.

Find the 21 images on ArtsCad
or click on an image below and see the Zazzle.com products.

Stage 1
Crossing Passage du Gois

Stage 3
An american wins on 4th of July
Stage 5
Wikings recapture Normandy

Stage 9
Tour de France Car overturns 2 riders
Stage 10
His first Tour de France stage win

Stage 11
Canon Ball wins his 3rd stage in 2011
Stage 13
 A new Norse God wins the stage

Stage 14
Surprise, Surprise Belgium Winner
Stage 15
Canon Ball is renamed to Manx Missile

艺术品 样式 : 印象派 - 波普艺术
艺术品 主题 : 意大利 - 建筑物 - 幻想曲

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