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World of Art Award winning artist Asbjorn Lonvig's selection of his phenomenal Paris motifs

by Asbjorn Lonvig, Lille Fejringhus, Denmark Asbjorn Lonvig
http://www.AsbjornLonvig.com - 四月 21 2010

World of Art Award winning Danish artist Asbjorn Lonvig's EXCLUSIVE selection of his phenomenal Paris motifs.
Asbjorn Lonvig has collected inspiration:
By strolling up and down the streets of Paris.
By drinking lots of cups of espresso at the all too welcoming Parisian cafes.
By attending all the museums.
By watching any French TV event possible - especially the Tour de France and the Le Mans.
By Googling Paris with the new street facility, which means
that you literally can walk in the streets of Paris as if you were there.
Now Asbjorn Lonvig's own words:
Recently I was working on a motif of the Old Town Clock in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Of course I would very much like to go there - that was the only option in ancient times (ancient times in internet terminology is one month ago).
By using the street facility of Google I went for a walk in Halifax, around the Old Town Clock! - I got all the inspiration I needed.
By clicking on a motif my great partners in Palo Alto (Zazzle.com) will help you.
You will see a much more comprehensive description.
You will see art prints in different sizes from small (16" x 11") to large (78" x 52").
My Palo Alto friends even can print the motifs for you, print it and send it to you.
I work with several art print on demand partners but the Palo Alto people are the best.
You probably need a little more from my CV.
In 2010 the art publisher World of Art in London, UK publishes the art book "Creative GENIUS".
100 Contemporary artists are selected from all over the world.
Believe it or not, one of them is ME!!!.

PompidouThe Louvre PyramidMona Liza
Paris City HallParis Coat of ArmsThe French Lily
Notre DamePont Neuf
Pont NeufPont des Arts
Toulouse-LautrecSacra Coeur
The Eiffel TowerThe Eiffel TowerDefence
Arc de TriompheChamps Elysées
InvalideNapoleon InsideVersailles
The Eiffel TowerOrangeryThe French Lily
Le MadeleineParis Store
Eiffel Tower and Palais de ChaillotEiffel and EUStatue of Liberty
Citroen 1912Tour de France
Peugeot 908

艺术品 样式 : 印象派 - 波普艺术
艺术品 主题 : 意大利 - 建筑物 - 幻想曲

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