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Reading out loud my fairy tales - signing "9 Bernhards" posters - showing www.LONVIG-by-MINYMO.com

 New kids' clothing brand LONVIG by MINYMO - Autumn 2008 Collection


In Aarhus, Denmark at Café Slabberas on 6 September 2008. 


Today my destination was Aarhus. At Café Slabberas, 26 Frederiksgade in Aarhus at 10 a.m.

It was early in the morning.

I was preparing myself for the event.

My wife rushed into the gallery where I was - she had heard some "voices".

Calm down, calm down - it is nothing but me practicing reading the fairy tale "Lucca and Sam in the Zoo...".


After a couple of rehearsals I was confident. 


At Café Slabberas I was welcomed by beautiful ladies.

A computer with fast internet was ready.

Everything was ready.


Depending on what happened, I had 3 possibilities.

Reading out loud, signing the mini poster "9 Bernhards" and showing www.LONVIG-by-MINYMO.com on the internet.


Signing of mini poster "9 Bernhards" was a hit. This was what I spent most of the time doing this 6 September 2008 in Aarhus.

I contacted the parents, wrote the name of their child down at the left and signed down to the right.

This was the perfect way to enter a conversation, and when I told that the new kids' clothing brand LONVIG by MINYMO was based on my fairy tales and fairy tale character - a very positive contact was established. And I probably talked, and talked, and talked...


For a start the computer was used - but it was not necessary to pass the message.


I talked to a Chinese, I talked to a German, I talked to one from Greenland and one from my home city Hedensted. I talked to one from Frederikshavn and a lot from Aarhus. Among the people from Aarhus there was one from a kindergarten.


I asked all of them to take a closer look at the wonderful kids' clothing in the LONVIG by MINYMO line.

I asked them to go home and read out loud my fairy tales on the web site.

I asked them to take a closer look at the web site with its book shop, shoe shop, poster shops, clock shop, fairy tale theatre, jigsaw puzzle games etc.

For a star I talked to people entering the second floor.

Later I went down into the outdoor Café Slabberas to ensure that all visitors got a poster for their children. 


I talked to a granddad - he was an IT nerd - I showed the fairy tale theatre to him. This granddad had 3 grand kids and there is no doubt that he soon has built fairy tale theatres for them.


A young lady, she was called Karin, she owned a poster store at Sct. Clemens Torv not far away. She loved Bernhard. I have sent an e-mail to her and we will see what happens.


Only one "9 Bernhards" mini poster was left at closing time. At 4 p.m.

The last poster was dedicated Tristan and his parents. But they did not show up.

I'll see to that Tristan gets his poster.


I had talked to people since 10 a.m. - interrupted only by a wonderful brunch, which Café Slabberas served.

And then an unknown number of espressos and café americanos during the day.

I was tired but very happy, that my message was passed so very easily.

When you do such things - and especially if you are a little aggressive - you might have a negative response from some.

Not one responded negatively - everybody was happy and thanked me for doing it... 





Asbjorn Lonvig


And now I am very excited to hear the response from the 58 image projector show with Beatles music on church organ which started on 29 August 2008.

It has been shown every night at 9 p.m. during the Aarhus Festival. The Aarhus Festival ends 7 September 2008.





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