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Portfolio Sharon Ebert Furuta

Portfolio Sharon Ebert Furuta

Sharon Ebert Furuta
Sharon Ebert Furuta
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The Pearents

服用 离开

液体 精神




 手 下降 热带 布朗

呼吸 房间

全球性的 熔毁

卡瓦 流

简单 活的

泡沫 浴

日落 空地

塔诺阿 矛 飞机

鹆 禽流

大海 金环蛇 与 辣椒

线 的 火

隐 天堂

小 阿利斯


拆分 图片

Checkin' 在 Checkin' 出

一世 可以 见 明确地 现在

  - The Surreal World of Sharon Ebert Furuta

[Page - Sharon Ebert Furuta - 1Ko - 2007]

  - Born and raised in Chicago, my incessant passion for Painting, the Sea and the Tropics inspired me to follow a lifelong dream of living on a tropical island. After visiting the FIJI ISLANDS in the South Pacific I became enchanted with the islands, it...
[Biography - Sharon Ebert Furuta - 2Ko - 2007]

Sharon Ebert Furuta的留言本

hi! thank you))
your paintings are amazing, just wow, thank you!
(Jessy W., 22 April 2016)
Get Inspired By Sea and Tropical!
If you really want to feel the nature and the tropical climate at home through the addition of specific paintings on canvas, then its time to opt for the online art gallery announced by Sharon Ebert Furuta. She is the one who was born and raised in Chicago. This painter has got a special inclination for acrylic and canvas painting and that inspirat.../...
(Maureen Townes Wilhelm - Art Critic, 14 February 2011)
You go sistah

(bulabob, 11 May 2008)