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Portfolio Patxi Garrido

Portfolio Patxi Garrido

Patxi Garrido的留言本

Love what you have done here
I love what you have done here. This piece is great, truly grand.
(Jill Tagger, 10 February 2016)
The Snake
Great piece of work. I love the Snake!
(Patti, 30 December 2015)
Simple but cool
This is a simple design but very cool. I like it.
(Amiee, 12 November 2015)
Amazing heart
This is an amazing heart. I love how it turned out.
(Emelia, 9 November 2015)
Great feel
This work has a really great feel to it. I like what you have done with it. Good luck to you in the future.
(Hank, 12 October 2015)
Hello my name is Paul. I just wanted to let you know that I think that your artwork is very nice! Simply yet to the point.
(Paul Jenkings, 22 September 2015)
Art museums, or commercial art?
(Patxi Garrido, 8 September 2015)
Art for sale? or, for exposing art?

(Patxi Garrido, 21 July 2015)
art, phoiography, autor

(Patxi Garrido, 8 February 2015)