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Portfolio Mahmoud Ashkanani

Portfolio Mahmoud Ashkanani

  - The works of kuwiti artist Mahmoud Ashkanani vary in form and colour . Using an abstract style he attempts to create a world of uniqe colours . Expressed through warm and cool huse , Ashkananims themes range from the dramatic to the individualistic , and even to world issues - all without compromising the principles of the abstract . His works are ...
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  - Modern societies are Measured through cultural achievments such as literature , art, theatre and architecture , the Fine Arts are one of such pillars that are highly valued and respected . throughout the course of my career . by way of local and international ventures , I have sought to evlove my work. Whilst the devolopment of my practice is on go...
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  -   I was born in Kuwait city in 1949 and graduated from Teachers College in 1969 with a degree in Fine Arts Education. I have developed interest in fine arts with its various fields. I have practices and specialized in several fine arts specialization...
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Mahmoud Ashkanani的留言本

Salam ... Mr. Mahmood you are a great Artist wish that you keep going with this great art work .. me Easa Mohammd
(Easa Mohammad, 4 March 2007)