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Portfolio Janna Vsevolodovna Ali

Portfolio Janna Vsevolodovna Ali

Janna Vsevolodovna Ali
Janna Vsevolodovna Ali
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3 埃及  音乐家

舞蹈 山鲁佐德

眼睛 的 阿拉伯 女人

非洲妇女 与 黄色 项链



女贞 舞蹈


Mermaid's 诱惑


Winter's 晚上

白色 在 红


土地 老王


Pelican's 航班

女孩与 Yatagan

亚洲 Sunsat






非洲妇女 与 蓝色 项链


  - March, 20th I’ll have my first personal exhibition in Russian Cultural Center , Alexandria , Egypt .
[Announcement - Janna Vsevolodovna Ali - 2Ko - 2008]

  - Selling
Dear costumers! All prices for my Artworks including shiping and holding. Usualy it's cost around 50 US$ (by ARAMEX ) I hope you will be satesfied! All the best to you! Janna Ali Liebe Kostümbildner! Alle Preise für meine Gestaltungsarbeiten einschli...
[Page - Janna Vsevolodovna Ali - 3Ko - 2006]

  - fue llevado en Siberia en 1967. Mi padre era artista autodidacta y él enseñó a mi mamá a. Desafortunadamente divorcian y permanecía con mi grandma para un wile. Dibujaba puesto que puedo sostener el lápiz en mis manos, pero nunca pensé de él tengo gu...
[Biography - Janna Vsevolodovna Ali - 3Ko - 2006]

  - è stato sopportato in Siberia in 1967. Il mio padre era artista insegnato auto ed ha insegnato il mio mom a. Purtroppo si divorziano ed ho rimasto con il mio grandma per un wile. Stavo disegnando poiché posso tenere la matita in mie mani, ma mai non ...
[Biography - Janna Vsevolodovna Ali - 3Ko - 2006]

  - wurde in Sibirien 1967 getragen. Mein Vater war Selbst Unterichtskünstler und er unterrichtete meine Mamma zu. Leider scheiden sich sie und ich blieb mit meiner Großmutter für ein wile. Ich zeichnete, da ich Bleistift in meinen Händen halten kann, ab...
[Biography - Janna Vsevolodovna Ali - 3Ko - 2006]

  - Je suis né en Sibérie en 1967. Mon père était artiste autodidacte et il a enseigné ma maman à. Malheureusement ils divorcent et je suis resté avec ma grand-maman pour un wile. Je dessinais puisque je peux tenir le crayon dans des mes mains, mais n'ai...
[Biography - Janna Vsevolodovna Ali - 3Ko - 2006]

  - I was born in Siberia in 1967. My father was self taught artist and he taught my mom to. Unfortunately they divorce and I stayed with my grandma for a wile. I was drawing since I can hold pencil in my hands, but never thought about it like my future ...
[Biography - Janna Vsevolodovna Ali - 5Ko - 2006]

  - My Statment
The World created by God is so beautiful. Nothing equal can be created by people. I just wish to touch its beauty with my paintings. And maybe, just maybe some of us who haven’t time to look around may be able to notice the beauty when it's painted, ...
[Page - Janna Vsevolodovna Ali - 2Ko - 2006]

Janna Vsevolodovna Ali的留言本

your mermaid's painting
Hello Janna: Just wanted to stop by and tell you your paintings are beautiful. Love your mermaid painting so much. Maybe I can buy the print in the coming month. Right now, I am strictly on a budget. I make jewelry and put it online, but I have to wait until people find my shop on Etsy and on Artfire. If you would like to look, please go to: www..../...
(Adrienne, 20 July 2009)
Your New Paintings
Hello Janna this is mariana delta your new landscape paintings are soo alive &beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!www.artscad.com/@/marianadelta
(Mariana Delta, 2 February 2008)
Moving images
Your work is alive with energy and as I look at it more emerges...i loved your site
(Pamela Jo Benet, 10 March 2006)