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Portfolio Billie's Digital Art

Portfolio Billie's Digital Art

Billie's Digital Art
Billie's Digital Art
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Added May 3 2010
Added September 22 2009
Added September 7 2009
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福雷斯特 的 树

圆 幻想

花香 幻想

大理石想起 .

玻璃 窗口 设计

郁金香 愿景

风筝 在 航班

黄色 雏菊

  - Hello Welcome Shoppers.. It's is my hope that you enjoy my artwork.. I regret I have had no former training. Howver art is specail in my life. I'm a care giver at present . I once own and operated an Antiques Shop In the small village where I call home. I do my art in my spare time. I have shown my work in LeMars , Iowa. Mostly at ladies groups.. a...
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Billie's Digital Art的留言本

Hey Billie you have designed a fantastic web page. Love all the colors and designs. I'm lucky to get my scrap booking done. WTG Gf
(Rose from Texas, 20 October 2009)
great Work
Billie, That is really great work. Keep it coming. S~
(Steven, 7 September 2009)