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Portfolio Natasha Tatta

Portfolio Natasha Tatta








Reality & Fantasy united with tenderness and emotional depth...

Natasha Tatta
Natasha Tatta

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Added February 16 2007
Added July 3 2005
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东方 二




圣托里尼 猫猫

拉杰普特 与 印度 滚筒

Cuna 女孩与 巨嘴鸟

巴厘岛 舞蹈家

夜 天


女性 贝尼 阿梅尔

女性 拉蒙obusan

荷花 梦想

向日葵 梦想

  - Emerging self-taught artist, born in Montreal in 1978. Italian origin, now residing in Chios, a Greek island in the Aegean sea. I'm a multicultural artist attempting to join reality and fantasy with a minimalistic yet incisive style. With every paint...
[Biography - Natasha Tatta - 2Ko - 2005]

  - -August 2005, Chios Greece Chios municipal garden, outdoor solo exhibition sponsored by local newspaper "Politis". -June 2005, Chania Greece OMMA Center for Contemporary Art, Int'l Art Festival for selected artists -May 2005, Volissos Greece Cafe/Tav...
[Announcement - Natasha Tatta - 2Ko - 2005]

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ArtsCad Art Critic
A self-taught artist currently living in the Greek isle of Chios, Natasha is attempting to join reality and fantasy in a minimalist yet incisive style. She works with the small moments, looking at them with tenderness and depth. She attempts to capture this with the stares and glares of her subjects, attempting to capture the emotional through imag.../...
(ArtsCad Art Critic, 28 February 2006)