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Portfolio Bust Glass

Portfolio Bust Glass

Bust Glass
Bust Glass
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吹制玻璃 雕塑  她 创作者

一 整个

吹制玻璃 地板 灯 雕塑 狮子

墙上 灯 猫

摩西律法 墙上 灯 海马

吹制玻璃 头骨

吹制玻璃 头

烟灰缸 殢

手臂 的 一个 城市 弗拉基米尔

 的  沐浴者

的肖像 男子 吹 玻璃

滗水器 豹  颜色 吹 玻璃

舞蹈 应该 是 水晶  的 直播 尺寸

制造业 吹制玻璃 雕塑 "  世界 在 我们  手 "

吹制玻璃 头骨

吹制玻璃 雕塑 前夕

吹制玻璃 半身像

雕塑吹 水晶 墙plafond " 稚 "

吹制玻璃 bоttle " 马 "

吹制玻璃 雕塑 他 创作者

吹制玻璃 雕塑 激情

吹制玻璃 雕塑 肖像 的 的 女孩

吹制玻璃 雕塑 " Niveya "

吹制玻璃 雕塑 肖像

吹制玻璃 Plafond-statue " 稚 "

  - The new technology is how to make reusable ceramic graphite molds for blown glass sculptures and lar...
The new technology is how fast and simple to make ceramic graphite molds for an unlimited number of blown-glass sculptures and large statues. Hello all workers of glass crafts and arts. I want to present you the results of 6 years experience with my authoring technology. This makes it possible to make by hand, without expensive industrial equipment...
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  - Hello! I want to announce a glass sculpture "Head of snarling bear." Probably, it will be a big lamp on the wall. It is made of two parts, upper and lower limit can be seen in the photograph. Ceramic graphite mold for the top portions will be 5 to the bottom - 3 parts. Canines will be made separately and then attached using a UV adhesive. Later I w...
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  - Hello, my name is Rashid Bakirov, I Tatar, born in 1959 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I am married and have three children. After the collapse of the empire (USSR) I'm with my family forced to emigrate from Uzbekistan in the metropolis, and until 2010 lived in the Russian capital of glass art town of Gus-Crystal. After the crisis of 2008 and the closure...
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  - Statue from glass or crystal
Dear readers, I am glad to possibility at least a little to tell to you about that surprisingly beautiful and expressive, but in the same measure and very whimsical material with which I work long time - about glass. Many there and then will smile - ...
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