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I have always tried to understand and capture colors and... Justine Ivu
十月 27 2007

I have always tried to understand and capture colors and forms ever since I first began to draw. They never cease to amaze me, being a perpetual challenge. That is how I feel and why I paint; it is somehow like a "struggle" with color and form in the sense of searching and experimenting with new ways to capture the essence of things. Those who own my works can attest to all the details which are impossible to see in a photograph.


Rendering on to canvas the passion within colors is my passion, for color keeps me alive and growing as an artist. God helps and guides me in my creations. Throughout my painting, always restless to explore and do more, I have experienced intense moments of self-discovery. I always paint with oils because only they have the richness of tone and versitility necessary to my expression.


The stages in the production of my creations are always accompanied by a deeply passionate inner turmoil that I control and direct. This control and the clarity it brings helps me see and express myself clearly through the brush in my hand. I often find it a bit awkward to speak about myself so I express that self through my paintings.


Many people love my work and buy my paintings and have been kind enough to tell me of their daily enjoyment of them. I take great delight in knowing so many homes have a distinctive touch with my paintings on their walls.


I create modern art as a person guided by old, precise, and clearly defined principles of honor and respect. It might be considered old-fashioned, but I will not change. With the hope that you have an idea about myself as person and artist, I invite you to enjoy my work and, hopefully, buy it.

艺术品 样式 : 印象派 - 表现主义 - 立体主义
艺术品 主题 : 立体主义
艺术品 媒体 : 油在画布

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