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Training in Artist's Innovative Process Offered

For the last nineeen years I have been working mainly in stone and have developed some innovative ways of treating this most natural of materials. John Quinn
十月 24 2005

Now I am offering full disclosure of my methods to persons willing to purchase a license. The license would allow the purchaser to use my system in producing and marketing items similar to my Cast in Stone glass lined vases.


If you are interested, please take a look at my business opportunity listing on my website. There you will find more details, and a question and answer format. Please feel free to contact me if you have a  question that is not covered.



艺术品 样式 : 功能性艺术 - 摩西律法
艺术品 主题 : 大自然
艺术品 媒体 : 手工制作 - 摩西律法 - 砌体艺术
尺寸 : 19 Cm Max - 20 - 29 Cm

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