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Marius J. Zerafa
I was invited to an exhibition by Marco Brown some time ago and was pleasantly surprised and very impressed with his efforts. He is full of enthusiasm, he has a good sense of colour and a healthy dose of imagination. His paintings are fresh and possess lyrical qualities that render them interesting, evocative, exciting and very pleasant.

As curator and teacher of the arts it has always been a pleasure and a privilege to come across young artists that show promise and I certainly hope Marco will carry on and give us more of these works. I do wish him every success.
Stanley Borg
Marco Brown's Ahava is an understanding that the colour red is the harbinger of a whole plethora of emotions. Red is not a mood but a condition, as can be traced in the history of art, from the red figure technique in Athenian vase painting to the tragic dark red drama in Caravaggio; from the shimmering summery red of the boy's cap in Seurat's Bathers at Asnières to the outrageous and lascivious red in Toulouse-Lautrec's posters.
Aharon Har Even
Marco's canvasses are like enchanted mirrors of his soul. It is rare to find an abstract painter who can express his self, his most deep thoughts, his feelings, using such a minimum of detaills.

Marco's art is colors, shifting from very hot red to deep blues, and a few brush strokes defining very sharp curves, or lines, dancing in front of our eyes. Then you understand that Marco's Art is much deeper; colors and shapes are made of love, care, joy, sea and sand and fire.

Marco Brown has the Mediterranean Heart, and knows how to bring it to us with his pallette.
James Vella Clark
Marco's artistic expression is inspiring and at the same time daring. It is untamed, like the heart of a young man who's in love for the first time. His expression belongs to a lost world where the emotions take over the mind and all that's logical and exalt the spirit to higher levels. Art belongs to the enlightened, the chosen few to whom Marco certainly belongs.
Bernadette da Cunha
Marco's paintings are Zen meditations that let you immerse yourself in them. They glow and one feels a light emanating out of them.

A single stroke of colour either delinates or creates a visual field and the positive and negative spaces intermingle creating a sensual dance to delight the senses.
Nadine Cini
Marco's art is an expression of emotions unveiled, his pieces excude a sense of richness and vibrancy. They represent a heartfelt relationship of his mood merged with his use of colourful backdrops and vivid hues, a reflection of the artist's personal voyage at that point in time.

There is a special narration behind each of his paintings, just look and admire depictions that can be seen, felt and touched. and you find yourself on a beautiful journey. A sweet invitation into the artist's charming and evocative world, exquisitely passionate just like his blissful landscapes of life and all that inspires him.

Marco Brown

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