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Portfolio Zizi Aknitalz

Portfolio Zizi Aknitalz

  - I create art because I wish to instinctively as well as intentionally embed my emotive responses in space and time. Inspiration comes from introspective contemplation of the cycle of birth, growth and death. Recurring themes of interest in this process have been duality, illusion and obsession. In the process of starting a new piece I often create ...
[Biography - Zizi Aknitalz - 3Ko - 2010]

Zizi Aknitalz的留言本

inspirational art works.
An amateur artist like me can only wish to create a good art which is not always possible. Some problems may remain inside the art and that can be identified by art lovers. However, I came across some of the most quality artists such as Zizi Aknitalz who got sheer expertise in fine art. She is offering enough stress on the emotive responses while.../...
(tom Mays, 22 November 2010)

艺术品 样式 : 抽象的 - 比喻当代 - 比喻想象力
艺术品 主题 : 大自然 - 抽象的
艺术品 媒体 : 画在画布上