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Portfolio Kiddolucas Lee

Portfolio Kiddolucas Lee

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讨伐 海 财富 * 2019 Kiddolucaslee 马来西亚
高贵 追逐 在 东海 * 2019 Kiddolucaslee 马来西亚
一个古老的 的城市 阴阳 * 2019 Kiddolucaslee
一个多才多艺 航程 - 西方 抵达 * 2019 Kiddolucaslee
网关 的 Dharmagotama * 2017 四月
奇怪 着手 尸体 岛 * 2017
雍荣华贵 自由 2017 六月
 这 男子 克服了 所有  黑暗 2017 二月
翼 的 水 谷 2017
客人 和 的 游客 2017  可能
在沙滩上 的 Polypterusria * 2017  可能
天生 潜水员 的 Lagunacano * 2017  可能
前夕  的 Waterforest * 2017
乐 Sorelle 保税 ( 保税 姐妹 ) 2017
日落 奖杯 2017  可能
一个 短暂的 的 滚动 风 2017 四月
亚马逊 蜕皮 现象 * 2017 进军
珍稀东方妈祖 - 海上女神 * 2009
Metamorphisis  的 Blueflames * 2008
岬 的 喜悦
河 金

  - , , The 7 WINDstrokes CREATOR , , Kiddolucas Lee was born in Penang Island Malaysia , He started painting seriously at the age of 16 and was known as " The School ARTboy " Always missing from the Physic..Chemistry & Mathematics classes..and only to be found at the school little art studio , , Kiddolucas s imaginary composition both evoke the solitu...
[Biography - Kiddolucas Lee - 11Ko - 2012]

  - The Art Of Kiddolucas Lee Having exposure in the Advertising world as an Art Director... Graphic designer & Illustrator for almost 12 years...Kiddolucas had been patterned to work in many major & minor assignments that required high quality & high expectation of Clientes He had spent another 2 years drafting and illustrate Architectural perspec...
[Biography - Kiddolucas Lee - 15Ko - 2012]

  - Kiddolucaslee - An Asia Born Artist keeps Good Advertising Portfolio...in Designing & Illustrating He has worked with some of the Finest American & Australian High Profile Creative Groups Brainstorming in Themepark designing..moulding huge figurines & creatures Mural Conceptualising were his Mastery An Artist of versatility in medium..technique..& ...
[Biography - Kiddolucas Lee - 2Ko - 2012]

Kiddolucas Lee的留言本

Showing Some Real Effort!
In this fastest life, Mr. Kiddolucas Lee can hold our movements for a minute because his arts can draw the affection of people even they are maintaining a busy life. In this regard, he has got the expertise in the fine art work and offering the best imagination to his art work. There is no confusion to select the arts because he can insert the arts.../...
(Maureen Townes Wilhelm - Art Critic, 14 February 2011)
Hello Lee
Hi Lee, i looked on your fantastic pictures, and enjoyed them. The powerful colors i like mostly. I hope, that you have much more phantasy, to make much more great pictures. I must learn so much, but my pictures are full of my phantasy, too. Excuse my bad english........ Good luck, and greetings from Germany! Thomas. www.thomashirsch.net
(Thomas, 30 May 2006)
Nice drawing from HANDSOME MAN
Dearest Kiddolucas, Your drawing is very nice....you are very handsome too...
(Lily, 13 March 2006)

艺术品 样式 : 现实主义
艺术品 主题 : 野生动物 - 现实主义
艺术品 媒体 : 混合技术 - 水粉画 - 丙烯酸 - 油在画布