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Aditya Dev
Aditya Dev

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Fine art by Aditya Dev Oeuvres de Aditya Dev Aditya Dev Aditya Dev Aditya Dev Aditya Dev Aditya Dev Aditya Dev Aditya Dev

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  - Aditya Dev was born on 1967, India. His works are imagery, individualized and spontaneous, which represent a pictorial from of language with poetic metaphors. He maintain very balanced trapeze with several roles - an emotional poet and an adventurous painter, all converge in degrees that are apparent to those who care to see beyond mere surface. Th...
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  - Myself
I started with Black Ink on paper and Watercolour Medium. I like to paint Figurative, Abstract Forms and Landscape in my styles. My areas of thoughts are very vast which I try to portrait in my paintings and poems. Now I am using acrylic and oil pain...
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  - Aditya Dev 14 th August 1967 1991 Post Graduated from Himachal University 1989 B.Com (Pass) Graduate from Delhi University 1982 Participated in open (Poster) Painting Competition and won the 1st Prize 1984 Participated in all India Poster Competition...
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